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Booster Passenger Transport Company provides Buses, luxury buses, van, minibus, Hiace rental and hire 15 seater bus 30 seaters throughout the Dubai UAE .
Booster Passenger Transport Companyhas growth and is one of the better known as Bus Rental Transport companies in Dubai.

Booster Passenger Transport services has established itself in the most competitive market in the UAE. All kinds of latest model buses are available. Bus Rental Transport services in Dubai believe in providing you with excellent personalised customer Bus Rental Transport service partnered with professional standards and reasonable prices

By bus rental services we do mean transportation services provided through buses. Bus rental Dubai or Bus rental services are rendered with driver and without driver.

There is bus service for schools, bus services for staff and workers. We also provide buses for tourism.Booster Transport LLC is one of the biggest and the most reliable transportation & bus service company in the UAE.

We have proper presence along the 7 states of the UAE. To know more about us please visit our website. We are leaders in transportation & bus services. We are keen to win the satisfaction of our valued clients today & for the time to come.

The company has a nice track record when it comes to quality services, professionalism & on time customer service.


05 Seater Car
07 Seater Car

12 seater Hiace
14 seater Hiace
26 seater Bus
30 seater Bus
34 seater Bus

1 Ton Pickup
3 Ton Pickup
Double Cabin Pickup

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